How Candle, Soap & Scent Makers Can Utilize Unique Custom Cartoon Logos for Promotion

You should never think that the online market is flooded with soap, candles, scents, or other spa products, as your own small business is unique, with strong demand for people who don’t want to go out to shop. But it certainly can’t help to stand out from the crowd with your own custom cartoon logo that can be used in endless ways to promote your business.

How Portrait Logos Are Different


Traditionally, a logo was a colorised image of letters or initials that were based on a business. That worked great for IBM (or did it?!), but today, using initials in your logo won’t trigger anyone to remember you. Our custom cartoon or custom illustrated logos are only unique to you, rather than utilising the letters of your business name. Instead, the logo will be a cartoon image of your unique self, with the full name of the business surrounding it.


These types of logos are fun and unique, and more likely to help a potential customer, who may just be browsing, to remember you. Even if they’re not ready to buy, they’ll certainly remember you a week or two from now, and return to buy your candles, soap, scented, or other types of spa products.


How Do I Use Creative Branding?


You’ll begin by using your cartoon logos on your website and social media, but you can also use these images in different ways. Candle makers, custom oil and scent makers, and other spa product creators can have stickers printed out with these custom cartoon logos that can be attached to the lids, jars, bottles, or boxes of their products. This is a fun way to do creative branding, and it also helps your customer to remember where they ordered these products from in the past. And, if someone received these items as a gift, they’ll quickly find your business so they can order again.


Where Do I Get Creative Branded Graphics?


Right here on our site! You can order a basic cartoon logo, or a variety of full graphics that can be used for your promotional services. You’ll need to upload an actual photo of yourself, so our artist can illustrate your unique custom logo just for you.

Don’t stick basic white labels on your soap, candles, oils, perfumes, fragrances, haircare products, or other types of spa products. Instead, place a fun custom cartoon logo of your business on each container!

portrait candle maker

portrait logo label on a bottle