How Lash & Brow Artists Can Stand Out with Custom Portrait Logos

Marketing experts always say your small business needs a logo, but the trouble is that initials, symbols, and icons are so over-done that your lash and brow business will get lost in the crowd. The best solution is to order a unique custom logo for your business. But, how can a logo be custom? A custom portrait logo, or cartoon logo, that’s drawn to your facial likeness is how. No two people look alike. Our illustration logo business will create a unique portrait logo for your beauty lash and brow business that will help make it stand out from the others.


How Does a Custom Portrait Logo Work?


When you place your order with us, you’ll send over some photographs of your face and a short description of what you’d like us to focus on. For example, blue eyes, smile, long eyelashes or brows. You’ll then receive your custom portrait logo back from us in a high resolution file that can be sent to local or online printers so you can order whatever you wish to help market your business.


Can I Use a Portrait Logo on Protective Gear?


Yes, once you order and receive your custom portrait logo from us, you own the rights fully. You can use it for any purpose you choose, including to have face masks made up, stickers that can be used to attach to face shields, or even custom badges that can be sewn onto protective capes. Once your brow and lash artists start wearing their custom face masks they may start thinking of other ways to utilize this marketing technique.

portrait logo on a face mask

What Are the Limits of Using a Portrait Logo?


Our clients often share with us how they’ve utilized their custom portrait logos and cartoon logos on products. Our lash and brow clients have thought of many interesting ways to utilize logos in their businesses. The portrait logos can be used on websites and on printed business cards and promotional products. They can be printed onto coasters and stickers. Logos printed onto your salon products are also a great way to sell them. Your portrait logo can even be enlarged and printed out and framed. This can sit on the reception desk so clients can see who will be doing their brow and lash treatments even if they’re wearing masks.

brow artist logo in use

lash artist logo in use

lash artist portrait logo printed onto salon products

If you’re a lash and brow artist who is seeking a better way to market your business, and also to make your clients feel more welcome, please consider ordering a custom portrait logo now.