How Portrait Logos Can Be Used On Mugs and Tumblers

Portrait logos are a fun way to turn a plain mug or tumbler into an item that will stand out in your online shop or local craft market booth. A logo is a unique way to make your business stand out, and with the additional features of a portrait logo, it will be unique to only you. No one else will have the same logo as you.


What Is a Portrait Logo?


A portrait logo is an illustration of you that’s been drawn in your likeness. It’s a custom logo that you order directly from our site. It’s essential that you supply a photograph so our artist can illustrate the image from your photograph.


This is done through drawing on the computer, rather than image manipulation of the photograph that other graphic artists may do. For this reason, your new portrait logo will look like you and can also include some samples of the products you sell. They can also be likened to a cartoon logo, though the graphics are more complex. As you can see, a portrait logo is much better than your basic initials-type of logo you see today.


The marketplace is crowded with initial logos and unless you’re one of the big box retailers, people won’t remember who you are. But when they see your unique portrait logo, they’ll be more likely to not only remember your name, but also what you sell.


Ways to Utilize Portrait Logos on Drinkware


After we deliver your portrait logos you can use them for anything you wish. But one great way to utilize your unique custom logo is by having the image printed onto mugs or tumblers. You can hold your mugs and tumblers for photographs that can be used for marketing purposes, along with the handmade items that you make and sell in your shop.

portrait logo mug 

You can also offer a mug or a tumbler as a prize for a social media contest, or give them away for orders that are over a certain amount of money.

 portrait logo tumbler

How Do I Order a Portrait Logo?


Please visit the order page here on our site to place your custom portrait logo now. It’s simple to place an order, and we are positive you will love how you can use your new portrait logo on your custom-printed products.


A custom portrait logo is a great way to present your creative small business to your potential customers, and to help them to remember your name for when they wish to order more.