How Portrait Logos Can Make Tees & Hoodies Fun to Wear

Many small crafts-related businesses wish to offer custom t-shirts too, but it can be tricky trying to think of something fun that will easily identify your business, and make people curious enough about it that they search online for your shop. A great way to advertise your business is by having custom portrait logos printed onto tees and hoodies.

portrait logo hoodie


What Kinds of Clothing Products Can Have Portrait Logos?


Almost anything that your favourite online or local printer offers will be suitable for your unique logo. Your logo will be an illustration of your likeness, along with you holding or displaying some of your handmade crafts or delicious baked goods or candies that you sell.


Tees and hoodies are some of the best items to have the portrait logos printed onto, as they are much easier to see than a smaller logo on a face mask. But if you work more closely with your clients, such as in a spa-related business or a beauty salon, face masks are perfect to hand out to your customers, and they can even take them home as a thank you gift.


For the t-shirts and hoodies, when you’re out in public you’ll be advertising your business. Perhaps some people will stop and ask you about what you do. Later in the day, they’ll be more likely to remember your portrait logo and name of the business, than if you simply had a website name sprawled across your chest.

portrait logo tshirt

I Have No Idea What to Do!


That’s fine, as we do most of the work for you. If you can please provide us with one of your favourite photographs, then send it in through our online order form, we’ll take it from there. We’ll draw your image into a graphic, along with any text you require, and the types of products or services you sell. We recommend that you send us an image of you holding some of your products or displaying your services (scissors or brush for a hairdresser). Just think about some of the creative photos you’ve posted onto Instagram. Most likely you already have a photo ready to send us.


If you’d love to have some tees or hoodies designed to advertise your business, or to offer for sale to your customers, please order your custom portrait logo today. You’ll love how unique and colourful it will make your custom business stand out!

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