How to Gain Clients for Your Nail Artist Business

Many types of businesses gain plenty of clients once they can see what it is you do. If a nail artist provides unique and creative nail art, they’ll soon have plenty of clients booked, but just how to get them in the first place? Marketing can be quite tricky. The best way to market a nail art business is by ordering a custom portrait logo that looks like you, and shows your wonderful nail art too.


How to Showcase Nail Art in a Logo?


Portrait logos often show face or body, but you can have a fun logo created that also includes your nails. Your hand can rest against your face, or both hands can be on a table in front of you. Simply include a photograph with your order, and how you’d like your hands to rest, and our custom portrait illustrator will handle the rest of the work for you.

nail artist portrait logo

Where Do I Use My Portrait Cartoon Logo?


You can use your new custom portrait logo in a variety of manners. First, we recommend that you add it to your website. If you have printed gift cards or other stationery, you can add it to your next order. Many of our nail art clients will also have signage or posters printed out that can be placed on windows or tables inside their businesses. Portrait logos can also be printed onto face masks. It’s hard to see who someone is when they’re wearing a mask, but if your client can see how you look from a fun logo on a mask, then they’ll feel more comfortable in receiving your services.

nail salon logo

nail artist cartoon logo

Why Is a Portrait Logo Better Than a Traditional Logo?


We’re swamped with brands and logos on the internet and in publications. Can you identify the top three? Probably, but what about the rest? There are millions of businesses out there, and unless a logo really stands out, chances are it will quickly be forgotten. Since a portrait logo, or a cartoon logo, is custom designed by us, it’s unique to you. There will never be two logos that ever look the same. A fun cartoon logo is also more memorable to people, and they’ll be more likely to remember your nail artist business.


When your new clients are searching for the best nail artist they’ll definitely stop and look when they see your name and portrait logo together. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll get a nail art booking, and soon you’ll be getting plenty of clients!