How to Package Your Beauty Branded Products

If you’re a provider of spa-related services such as hair stylist, manicures, or pedicures, or massage therapy, then most likely you earn additional income from your handmade spa products too! But you don’t want to package your products with plain white labels, as you need to show your customers and clients that your products aren’t like the ones mass-produced at the factory. Attractively packaged and labelled products will sell better.

What Are Custom Portrait Logos?


You can order a custom portrait logo from our website. When you do so, you need to include a photograph of yourself, and add details of anything else we should know, such as the type of business you have, or the products you sell. Your custom portrait logo or cartoon logo can be printed onto a wide range of stationery, including stickers, business cards, post cards, and other types of promotional materials.


Where to Place Custom Portrait Logo Stickers?


The colourful stickers can be placed on jars, bottles, and other types of containers. For instance, if you have a beauty salon, you can put a sticker onto your mascara or brow treatment container, or place a sticker onto a hair treatment tin or bottle.

lash wash with a portrait

Beauty Branded Products with a Portrait Logo 

If you’re grouping products together, the sticker can go on the cellophane plastic packaging whether alone or covering a basket, or on the box. We also advise that you offer small gift sets, and then have one big gift set for sale, so customers have options on what to buy. The bigger the packaging, the bigger the sticker should be.


Customising Branded Sets


Many people like to buy gifts for others, or to spoil themselves with a surprise gift. You can package your products together in a surprise gift box, or in cellophane-wrapped packaging. A cheerful portrait logo sticker can be placed on the front of your nice product sets. If you offer in-person services, you should place several of these sets in prominent positions to encourage your clients to buy. If you run a shop-based website, you can also offer these sets to order and ship, or for clients to buy and then come to do curbside pickup.

product set with a cartoon logo for nail technicians

branded eyelash wash with a portrait logo

If you’re ready to make additional income then order a custom portrait logo so you can print the stickers yourself, or order from your local print shop. Soon your branded hair and spa products will stand out from what your competitors are offering!