How to Use Colourful Custom Designed Stickers

Do you want boring self-printed text labels on your handcrafted products or food packaging, or do you want bright and colourful logo stickers that stand out? Our custom logo stickers make your sales products extra special.


Where Can I Place the Custom Stickers?


The custom logo stickers can go onto product packaging to hold together plastic bags that protect food or sweets. If you use package boxes for treats, you can stick them on the box to hold it together. Spa items for jams or other sweets or candles sold in jars can utilize stickers in a wide variety of ways. Circular stickers can fit on top of the lid, or can be placed along the side of the glass jar.

portrait logo sticker

If you have plastic and paper packaging to hold candy, tea, or bath salts, a bright and colourful custom logo can be placed at the top of the bag, along with an ingredients list and instructions on how to use.

bag sticker with cartoon logo

It’s also fun to add a sticker to the outside of the box. When your customers receive their box, they’ll get excited when they see a sticker on the outside, knowing that their treats and special items have arrived.

cartoon logo stickers for jars

If you bake cookies or cakes for a living, they must be protected by a cardboard box. But boxes can be plain and not very exciting. Fun cartoon logo stickers can be placed on the outside of the boxes, on top, or to hold the lid down. Packaged gifts will look extra special with a sticker placed on top of a ribbon.


If you sell clothing and want to provide a shopping bag, but can’t afford expensive shopping bag printing, the next best solution is to buy plain shopping bags in bulk, then add on a colourful logo to make it unique to your business.

logo stickers for clothing

How Much Info Can Go On a Sticker?


Your custom cartoon logo will be created from an image in your likeness. It will also include the name of your business, what types of products you sell, and the names of your products. If you have any special requirements, please fill them out on our website and we’d be happy to work on your special project.


You may have seen stickers on homemade crafts, clothing, spa products or delicious treats, but a custom cartoon logo is sure to make your products stand out even more in a busy marketplace!