Market Your Business with Gift Certificates, Giveaways & Loyalty Cards

If you run a small business then you can benefit from extra self-promotion during a time when we have to keep our clients safe and healthy. If you’re ready to let your current and potential customers know that you’re open for business, you can market it with gift certificates, giveaways, and loyalty cards.

Why Custom Promotional Materials?


Selling gift certificates that friends and family can give to their loved ones is a great way to bring attention to your business. If the gift receiver enjoys your products and services, then they’ll be back for more. Alternatively, you can use the gift certificates as a giveaway on social media. Loyalty cards are used to encourage people to come back, by rewarding them for their longterm loyalty.

cartoon logo gift card for social media

How Can I Use My Branded Cartoon Logos for Promotion?


There are plenty of options and you’ll be certain to think up more ideas. A gift card can be printed on both sides. For example, one side can say “Gift” with your business’s logo, while the other side will provide your contact information and the value of the gift card. There will also be details on “To”, “From”, “Authorised Signature”, and the “Expiration Date”.

gift certificate with a portrait logo

If you’re participating in a community giveaway, you can provide your special cartoon logo that can be used to print onto a gift card. Loyalty cards can have your branded cartoon logo printed on the front, along with “Loyalty Card” and the ten spots that can be stamped for each time your client visits with you.

portrait logo loyalty card

Your branded logo can also be used on a graphic that can be posted to Instagram or Facebook, with details of how to enter a contest. For instance, “like the post, “follow the business”, “comment”, and “tag a friend”.

giveaway banner with a portrait logo

Why Branded Cartoon Logos Stand Out


You could simply put a traditional letter or initial logo on your social media page or website, but these are so overdone, you won’t stand out the way you need to in today’s crowded online marketplace. Instead, a custom branded cartoon logo will be both fun and a memorable way for your current and future clients to remember who you are.

If you don’t already have your branded website or printed materials to market your business, we’re happy to help you begin. Please order your branded cartoon logo today, along with all the promotional materials that you’ll need to get started.