Order Your Custom Logo with Price List Design

If you run a small business, you’ll need to have a price list. But you don’t want your price list to be boring. It should have a custom logo at the top that will attract potential customers so they stop to take a look and understand how much your services cost.


How Can I Utilize a Custom Portrait Logo?


A custom portrait logo can be used at the top of printed price lists for your small business, spa service, or beauty salon. They can also be used for your stationery, and also on your website and social media. The custom portrait logo will be created from a photograph that you supply to our illustrator. They’ll draw a colourful logo in your likeness, along with a few small items you’re holding in your hands that will tell a potential customer what it is you do. We’ll deliver the logo to you and from there you can utilize it in any way you wish.

portrait logo price list

But if you do need help creating your printed materials, our website can also help you out too.


How Do I Create a Price List?


Any service-oriented business should have a price list posted on their website, social media, and also offered in print format. People need to know how much your services cost before they decide to make an appointment.


They can easily search online to find your business and easily find out how much your services cost. You can also keep a holder full of your price lists on your business counter, so that your current clients can grab one before they leave. When they know what else you do, they’ll be more likely to book a future appointment.


All you have to do is provide us with a list of services and your prices in a table format, such as in an Excel spreadsheet.


Where Else Can I Use Price Lists?


If you work near other businesses, you can ask them to place some of your price lists near their cashier or in the window, or you can hand them out to people you meet in public. You can give them to current clients so they can browse them at leisure and decide what services they’d like to book for next time.

portrait logo for forms and price lists

Price lists are essential for your business, but if you don’t already have a well-designed list, now is the time to order one. We’ll handle your custom portrait logo, and also design and create your price list, so you don’t have to worry about doing any of the work.