Why Custom Portrait Logos Need Matching Business Cards

If you’re considering a custom portrait logo order from our site then you really should order our complete business card package too. Many of our clients place their custom logos on their websites and social media pages, but traditional forms of business promotion are still applicable today.


What Information Should a Business Card Have?


In the past, a business card would have a logo, full name, address, and phone number. Now that most business is conducted over the internet, you also need to include an email address, website address, and cell phone number. Some online shops struggle over adding an address, but your customers still want to know where you are shipping products from. If you have a retail shopfront, then you can include that address too.


How Do I Use a Business Card?

lash technician business card with portrait logo

lash artist cartoon logo on a business card

baker portrait logo business card 


We’ll create your portrait logo and business card together. You can then upload your graphics to a printer of your choice, whether online or local. Once you have received your business cards, you want to use them effectively. The main purpose of a business card is to hand them out to new or existing customers so that they’ll remember you and do business with you in the future.


An attractive business card with a custom portrait logo will be more memorable than one with plain text and no illustrations or graphics. A card is generally kept in a special business card case in the office or on the desk. There are no substitutes for having business cards, as people want to be able to search through their collection and look at them, kind of like viewing miniature works of art.


It’s not recommended that you simply drop them on a bench or table at random. It’s best to hand a card directly to customers and clients that you wish to do business with in the future. That way you’ve already said hi and made a little introduction about your business to them. You can hand them out in the grocery story lineup or other places when you’re out in public. You can have a small business card display holder set up in a retail establishment where people can take a card if they wish. You can also tuck them into an envelope or box for products and items that your customers order from you.


Soon you’ll be amazing your new clients with unique and wonderful custom portrait logo business cards!