Why You Need Custom Digital Graphics for Your Small Business

Do you run a small business from home, such as a nail or haircare spa, or a food-based, or clothing-based shop? You already know that the best way to promote your business is on Facebook, Instagram, or other types of social media, but you need to stand out from the online crowd. Instead of posting photos that may be fun or interesting, choose graphics that will stand out for your current and your future customers and clients.

What Types of Digital Graphics Do I Need?


Most social media websites allow you to post a small round profile photo, and a larger landscape photo. The landscape photo can be used as a banner. This is where your custom cartoon logo can display an image of you showcasing your venture or creativity, with your business’s name on the right, and an inspirational banner. The smaller circular profile logo can display a smaller personal cartoon image of you.


What Else Can I Do with My New Custom Digital Graphics?


Besides shop banners, you can also use your banners to encourage action on the part of your new or existing customers. Encourage them to “Book Now” by placing these words at the top of your banner.

book now banner with a portrait logo

You can also interchange your banners, so you can have a different phrase on it for each month, or for when you’re running promotions. You can add announcements to your banner, or simply thank your existing customer base for their patronage.

seasonal banner with a cartoon logo

BF banner with a PortraitLogo

You can also use your digital graphics in custom videos for your business promotion. A bit of animation can be added to the graphic to make it stand out.


What Types of Information Should My Digital Graphics Include?


You don’t have to provide your full address, email address, telephone number, website, and details of all you do as this will be confusing for the customer, but you should provide enough information that if someone glances at your digital shop banner, that they can remember and find your business again. If you prefer your clients contact you a specific way, then you can add that to your digital graphic banner.

shop banner for a crafter

wreath maker shop banner

Are you ready to make your social media pages and website look captivating? Please order custom digital graphics from our site today! Soon you’ll capture the notice of potential customers who have been confused over who to hire for their next beauty treatment or food or product order!