Creative Ways for Crafters to Use Personalized Logos to Sell Their Crafts

Many crafters start out small by making items for their friends or family, but soon realize there’s a paying market for handcrafted items. Selling handcrafted items can be a challenge, but there are ways to make your items clearly stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to make your small business appear more professional is by having a unique portrait logo made just for you.

What is a Portrait Logo?


A portrait or cartoon logo is drawn from a photograph of you, the small handcrafted business owner. Not only is this a fun way to showcase your small crafting business, but it’s also a great way to help your potential buyers and current clients to remember who you are. Your portrait logo isn’t quite like the usual logo with text and a basic graphic. Instead, it’s a small cartoon drawing of you, along with some of the crafted items you make. You can add your name, website, and name of business around your portrait logo.


How a Portrait Logo is Unique


Your portrait logo is designed specifically in your image. For this reason, there will be no other logo quite like yours. These logos are custom-drawn by a professional illustrator, specifically to the photographs that you supply. We don’t use any form of templates, such as other sites do. Each logo we draw is unique and will never be reused for any other client.

portrait logo for crafters

Where Can I Use My Portrait Logo?


Portrait logos are for more than business cards or stationery for your website. You can also use your logo as a banner on your Facebook page or for your Instagram avatar.

crafter logo for social media

If you give out stickers with a purchase, or you use stickers to hold together tissue paper, you can have your portrait logo printed on them. If you have a table or booth at a craft fair, you can also have a banner made up with your special portrait logo. This will draw attention to your booth, as most likely, your competition either won’t have a banner, or it will be the usual boring text-based logo.

craft fair table cover with cartoon logo


Crafters will add a professional touch to their handmade crafting business by having a personalized portrait logo that can be used for a wide range of promotional purposes. Soon you will achieve success in your unique crafting business!