Face Mask Portrait Logos for Beauty Salon Promotion

Do you run a beauty salon that provides a variety of services to your clients? Today, a nail salon, hair salon, spa, massage business, threading and hair removal, and other beauty treatments business must follow health department guidelines or risk being shut down. And customers and clients want to know that businesses are following these guidelines as they don’t want to place their children, families, or elderly parents at risk.


A custom face mask with a printed portrait logo is a great way to show your potential customers that your salon is safe. These custom face masks can also be used for a variety of marketing purposes too.

portrait logo with a face maskportrait logo without a face mask

How Does a Portrait Logo Work for a Mask?


There are a few different options you can use for your salon business. The first is to have us custom design a portrait logo that resembles your face, and have it printed onto a protective cloth face mask. These can be worn by you when you provide beauty treatments, or given to customers as a gift if they have forgotten to bring their own. You can have the name of your business printed along with your custom portrait image.

portrait logo for face masks

You can also have stickers made up from these portrait logos that can be attached to plastic face shields that can be held by your clients while they are receiving their beauty treatments, or worn by your beauty salon specialists when providing services.

portrait logo on a protective plastic shield

Clever Ways to Market your Salon


Your potential beauty salon clients will be doing research on where to go for their next beauty treatments. You can take photographs of your salon staff wearing their protective face masks and use these images to post to social media. This will help make your future visitors to the salon know that the beauty treatments are done in a safe manner.


Fun Ways to Promote Your Salon


Business promotion can be difficult at times, but having custom portrait logos printed onto face masks is a unique marketing technique to do. And since your beauticians have their faces covered with face masks or protective face shields, the clients can be made to feel more welcome when they can actually see a printed image of the beautician.


Are you ready to have a custom portrait logo done for your beauty salon that can be used for protective face masks? Please click here to order your custom logo today. Soon your beauty salon clients will feel more at home seeing fun printed images of your beauty salon staff on protective wear!