Fun Ways That Bakers, Food Bloggers & Dessert Makers Can Use Portrait Logos

Many small business owners may wonder if they really need a creative logo. After all, aren’t they for websites and stationery? Often they even skip the logo, and use their name instead. But if you run a small baking or food business from your home, a creative logo is a great way to present to your potential customers that you run a professional business.


Logos for food bloggers and bakers can be imprinted on your food packaging. A portrait logo is also a great way to help past customers remember who you are, just in case they want to order again.


Apron Logos for Videos

 portrait logo on apron

A portrait logo printed onto an apron that you can wear during your video presentation will offer another element of fun to your Youtube channel. Viewers will smile when they see your caricature on your clothing.


Stickers for Gift Bag Packaging

food portrait logo sticker 

If you sell home baked goods, they’ll need to be carefully packaged up. Stickers are the perfect way to embellish your plastic packaging to make it stand out. It’s also a great way to make baked goods in the box or bag look more like gifts. The gift recipient will also know where the baked goods have come from, should they actually want to place their own order.


Business Card Insert

portrait logo business card insert 

Business cards have always been a popular way to stay in touch with people. You can also tuck business cards into your desserts, drinks, bread, and other types of sweets that you sell. This will help the buyer to remember who made their goodies and treats. 




If you make up gift bags or gift boxes with drinks or sweets, the addition of coasters will make your gift extra-special. These coasters can have your own logo imprinted on them, which also offers a great way to remind people of your home-baked goods business.


Have you ever purchased something, then forgot where you bought it? Your own portrait logo can be printed on almost anything, then included as a card or sticker inside a food order.


If you’re ready to level up your small baking business, or online food blog, please navigate to our Portrait Logo page to place your order today. Most likely you’ll find many more ways to use your new portrait logos for your food and baking business!