How a Branded Watermark Logo Protects Your Images

It can take a lot of time to prepare and take promotional photographs of your beauty salon business. Unfortunately, when you post these to social media, they can be copied without your consent, and used by other similar small business people. Sometimes they may not even be aware what is happening if they’ve hired a marketer or someone to create their website.


Before you spend time creating your photographic promo materials, consider having a branded cartoon logo created for your small beauty business that can also be used as a branded watermark logo.


What Exactly Is a Watermark?


Traditionally, a watermark was used by graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers to protect their work from being stolen online. It used to be a string of text, such as “My Business Here” which was superimposed over the surface of the image. If anyone stole the images, visitors to that website would know that these images belonged to someone else and can be quite embarrassing to the thief and result in a loss of business.


How Can I Creatively Use My Watermark?


Most small business owners object to having a traditional watermark and for good reason. It’s not attractive to have a strip of text across every single image on your website or social media pages. But there is a simple way you can still protect your images, and best of all, your clients won’t know what you’re doing, but image thieves will steer clear!


First, have your illustrated cartoon logos created. You can either have them printed onto stickers or cards, and used in your promotional photography, or they can be added to the photos in Photoshop or another photo editing program later.


watermark with a logo


After you post your promotional photos with your branded watermark logo, if anyone steals them, they’ll actually be promoting your business, as your business name and image will be right there on them!


Where Can I Use My Cartoon Logo Images?


If you have a nail spa business, you can insert the branded watermark logo right beside your decorated nails photograph, or as a card above the photo of newly manicured hands. If you order a circular image with a transparent background (saved as PNG), you can use them as your Facebook profile photo. Larger images, such as JPG, can be your Facebook landscape photo.

 watermark with a logo for a nail tech

Another great idea is to have your cartoon logos scattered as a pattern against a background, and have your model’s hands resting against it.

 watermarks for nail artists

Watermarks are essential when you’re posting photos on Instagram or Facebook, but we can make it simpler for you to protect your brand and your hard work!