How Portrait Logos Are Essential for Pet Businesses

Do you run a pet-related business? If you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to dedicate yourself full-time to dog walking, pet grooming, or selling pet jewellery or pet clothing, now is the perfect time to order a custom-made portrait logo, or cartoon logo, that can be used for a variety of marketing purposes.

dog walking logo by Portrait Logo  

What is a Pet Portrait Logo?


A logo is a small image or icon that can be used for a variety of printing and online purposes. A pet logo can be created with your own image and a dog or a cat. A custom logo should present what exactly your small business does. Unless you’re a big corporation, those traditional small letter logos are now a thing of the past.


Ideas for Portrait or Cartoon Logos


If you run a small pet-based business then you may want some ideas on what we should create for you. Usually a portrait logo with your cartoon image is recommended. People can see who you are, rather than simply a name and contact information. Your pet business logo should also have a dog or a cat, or both on it. For instance, if you have a dog walking business, your image can be displayed holding a leash with a happy dog on the end, or a pet groomer can be shown holding a brush and comb near a cat. If you sell pet jewellery or pet clothing, your portrait logo can show you wearing your products.

dog groomer logo 

Where Do I Use My Pet Business Logos?


The new portrait logo that we create for you can be used on your pet business website and also on traditional printed business cards. Potential customers will be more likely to call you in the future when they actually remember who you are.


Your pet logos can also be printed onto invoices, price lists, and pet owner information sheets, and notebooks of all sizes.

dog walker logo in use

If you sell products, you can tuck a business card or sticker into their order so the customer remembers where they ordered their merchandise from. This gives them something to refer to in the future. The stickers can be used to hold tissue paper together in a box.


If you run a pet-based business, please order a custom pet portrait logo from us today. Our past customers have loved how these cartoon logos really made their business stand out from the competition!